I am a professor of mathematics at Georgia Tech. My research is in probability theory.

Name: Michael Damron

Office: Skiles 235A

Email: mdamron6 at protonmail dot com

Current teaching: Math 6241, Math 7244

Office hours: TBA

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My work is supported by NSF grant 2054559 and an NSF CAREER award.


(with C. Houdré and A. özdemir) Fluctuation bounds for first-passage percolation on the square, tube, and torus. arxiv

(with J. Hanson, D. Harper, and W.-K. Lam) Transitions for exceptional times in dynamical first-passage percolation. arXiv

(with G. Brito and J. Hanson) Absence of backward infinite paths for first-passage percolation in arbitrary dimension. arXiv

(with B. Bock) The acceptance profile of invasion percolation at p_c in two dimensions. arXiv

Upcoming talks

July - First-passage percolation and related models, IIT Bangalore